Friday, October 20, 2017

Indications of a Broken Bone

Dr. Kenneth “Ken” Mwatha serves as an attending physician in an emergency department located in Baltimore, Maryland. There, Dr. Ken Mwatha performs patient evaluations and manages the care of patients with various degrees of injury or illness, ranging from acute life threats to broken bones.

Often, a broken bone is easy to identify. Some patients notice it right away if the break itself causes an audible snapping or grinding sound. If the fracture is severe enough, the limb can appear misshapen and may even result in the bone itself protruding from the skin. 

A broken bone may also lose the ability to support weight or function properly, a sign that is particularly noticeable if the bone is in the arm or leg. If the break is less severe, however, the patient may be able to use the broken limb. These patients may notice a feeling or sound of grinding, which is indicative of loose pieces of bone under the skin and indicates that a fracture may be present.

Less severe breaks are also likely to show themselves through large areas of bruising and swelling. These symptoms occur when blood leaks from the fractured bone and indicate the need for a medical evaluation, ideally at a care center with x-ray capabilities.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Three Travel Tips for Visiting Ireland

With a doctor of medicine from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Mwatha serves as an emergency physician in one of Baltimore, Maryland’s most active emergency departments. Outside of his professional life, Dr. Ken Mwatha enjoys traveling and has been to numerous destinations worldwide, including Ireland

Traveling to any foreign country can be an exciting but sometimes confusing and intimidating experience. Fortunately, these three tips will help you make the most of your first trip to Ireland. 

1. Rent a Car - While many travelers prefer to use public transportation when visiting a new location, renting a car in Ireland affords you the ability to visit the country’s many rural areas. With the Irish countryside playing such a major role in the country’s character, charm, and beauty, missing this countryside means you will miss a large part of what makes Ireland such a wonderful place. 

2. Book Trains in Advance - If you do opt for public transportation, traveling by train often offers luxuries you will not get on a bus, including free wifi, bathrooms, and electrical outlets to charge your devices. You can save money by booking your tickets in advance, with Irish Rail often providing heavy discounts for advanced online booking. 

3. Shop Tax-Free - Provided you are visiting Ireland from any country outside of the European Union, you are entitled to tax-free shopping during your visit. Before your trip, apply for a Fexco Horizon card, which will track any tax paid on purchases at affiliated stores, restaurants, and vendors. When it comes time to go home, you can claim the sales tax back right at the airport.